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Meet the Founding Partners: Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari

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"Superb Talent in
Building Community"

“Seldom will you find two people with the combined years of skill in training, mentoring, and team building that Gregory and Robin bring to the table.

Gregory's ability to teach me business-building skills and Robin’s superb talent in building community made working with them fun and educational. It provided me a safe and loving environment to grow.

If you get a chance to work with these two, you'll receive all that you're looking for—and a whole
lot more!

~Carol L, Olympia, WA

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As founders of Enlightened Networking, Robin and I are excited to bring the full spectrum of our knowledge, experience and success principles to the world of network marketing—as well as to the fields of personal and business development.

We are blessed with a shared passion for building community and cultivating mutually rewarding relationships—and our commitment is helping you grow into your fullest potential.

Together we have developed numerous training manuals, programs and systems for several companies, and co-authored the audio/workbook training "The 10 Master Skills of Successful Network Marketers." Our vision is for the Enlightened Networking community to become your base camp on the journey up the mountain of success and personal achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission here is to establish a vibrant community of networkers committed to making a difference through their network marketing efforts—while making money doing what we love to do. Drawing on our 50+ years of network marketing and business experience, wisdom and success, we want to help you improve your life and prosper.

As part of the Enlightened Networking community, you can expect to receive the best business-building principles and processes from top leaders, speakers and authors who will be joining us on our weekly teleseminar series.

You'll have access to these materials in our Resource Center. Once your register, you'll also qualify for exclusive special offers provided from time to time by the guests on our calls. We look forward to being with you on the calls—and we welcome you to the community!

Gregory MascariGregory Mascari

With over 26 years of full-time network marketing experience, I am very familiar with the ups and downs of building successful distributor organizations.

I know what it takes to reach the top, and I am driven by a passion to help you succeed as well. What's more, I have helped empower thousands to pursue their dreams, embrace their greatness and enjoy an income and lifestyle that most only dream about.

That's why Robin and I created Enlightened Networking—to share the timeless success principles and relationship-building skills necessary for you to achieve your goals quickly and effortlessly.

We are committed to what I like to call servant leadership— where your success comes first.

The Enlightened Networking community is made up of like-minded networkers who share this perspective and approach. Our weekly success calls are designed to support you as you make your way up the mountain of your dreams and goals.

I have logged well over 10,000 hours as an experienced field leader, a master distributor and a corporate VP of Sales. My track record of success includes building downlines of over 100,000 distributors with several companies and generating close to $1 billion in wholesale volume throughout my career.

Gregory MascariRobin Blanc Mascari

Before launching my full-time Network Marketing career, I worked as a trainer, speaker and coach in corporate world for 25 years. I focused mostly on leadership development, and was one of earliest licensees with the Covey Leadership Center.

I was a certified trainer and trainer of trainers with Enlightened Leadership International for over 14 years. In addition, as an Outplacement Consultant with the world's second largest human resources firm, I helped thousands of individuals make successful career transitions.

I found my true passion in in the networking marketing industry. I caught the bug! As a full-time networker, built a multi-million dollar business with over 7,000 distributors. My team grew by leaps and bound every year with hundreds of new distributors added every month—consistently ahead of the company average growth.

The strength of the organization was relationships, trust and community. With a passion for human potential and supporting people developing a dream lifestyle, I have fallen in love with the network marketing business model—and as my mentor and husband Gregory likes to say, "Once you fall in love with Network Marketing, there is no known cure!"


Moni PattersonMoni Patterson

I've always been passionate about helping people improve their quality of life, and have always been drawn to careers that allowed me to do just that. Prior to my networking career, I was a traditional entrepreneur, and I was the lead legislative advocate for two national non-profit organizations. It was my joy to make such a huge impact on the state and federal level by working with congress to get quality legislation passed to help our most vulnerable citizens.

A life event created the space for me to revisit this networking industry that I had heard of before, but never the time to fully discover. Needless to say, I fell in love with the opportunity to continue helping people, and to grow both personally and professionally. I took the time to invest in myself and my skill set and it served me well. I was able to quickly grow large organizations and create a healthy residual income that allowed me and my family freedom and flexibility to live our lives by design in a way that is right for us.

Now, I am able to continue to share my passion with others through group and private coaching programs, business consulting, speaking engagements, weekly radio show appearances, and now Wise Women Weekly with Robin.



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