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Dewitt Jones
3/30/12 - Joyce Chapman - "Capture Your Life Experiences and Learn from Them! Keep a Journal" ... with Joyce Chapman
"Imagine a world where everyone is discovering, claiming and living their dreams!"
Joyce Chapman is a A pioneer in the field of journal keeping she provides step-by-step journaling techniques for actualizing dreams to individuals, groups and companies. Author of best selling books, and their companion workbooks: Journaling For Joy, Live Your Dream, and Celebrate Your Dream
If you want to examine more of what you do know ... and discover more about yourself...then I invite you to ask yourself powerful questions and journal! Learn more at:

Live Your Dream:
Journaling For Joy:
Journaling 101:

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Dewitt Jones
3/23/12 - Diana Lees - Spring Cleaning for your Body ... and Soul! w/ Diana Les
"Houses get spring-cleaned...and people need it too!"
Diana is passionate about bridging the gap between Western medical thought and Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
She co-created in to help spread the word about synergies of mind, body and spirit and to help as many people as possible come back to balance.
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Dewitt Jones
3/16/12 - Doug Stevenson - The Power to Persuade
"The Magic of Story "Emotion is the Fast Lane to the Brain""
Doug Stevenson is a master storyteller and storytelling in business expert. He is the creator of The Story Theater Method, and author of the book: Doug Stevenson's Story Theater Method, and The How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech System.
He helps presenters use strategically chosen and crafted stories to make their content more entertaining, powerful, engaging and memorable.
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Dewitt Jones
3/9/12 - David Allen - Author of "Getting Things Done"
"One of the world's most influential thinkers in the field of productivity"
David Allen has been called "One of the world's most influential thinkers in the field of productivity", designated as "One of America's top 100 thought leaders", and named one of the "Top 100 people to follow on Twitter".
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Dewitt Jones
3/2/12 - Roger Merrill - A. Roger Merrill ... Talent Unleashed! - Co-Founder of the Covey Leadership Center
What single activity is most effective in unleashing human talent and improving performance?
A. Roger Merrill, co-founder of the Covey Leadership Center (now FranklinCovey Co.) and co-author (with Stephen R. Covey & Rebecca R. Merrill) of the international best seller, First Things First. He is also the author of Connections: Quadrant II Time Management, co-author of The Nature of Leadership, and contributing author to Principle-Centered Leadership. In total, Roger has authored and co-authored four books which together have sold over 2.5 million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages!
Find out more at:
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Dewitt Jones
2/24/12 - Robert White - Our Identity - How It Serves and Limits Us!
"When our doors of perception are cleansed,man will see things as they truly are, infinite" .... William Blake
Robert White is a true ground breaking pioneer in the personal development industry, having founded Lifespring and ARC International with over 1.3 million graduates internationally and author of Living an Extraordinary Life - Unlocking your Potential for Success, Joy and Fulfillment.
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Dewitt Jones
2/17/12 - Kathleen Ronald - The Fastest Way to Freedom ... De-Clutter NOW!
"You don't have an abundance issue ...YOU have a clutter issue!"
Clutter affects 19 areas of your life and Kathleen will share why de-cluttering is such an effective tool, results you can expect when you de-clutter and how to get started. Discover how your paycheck is tied to your clutter and how clearing clutter makes room for more money.
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Dewitt Jones
2/10/12 – Lee Glickstein - Soul-Centered Public Speaking
"When you learn to speak to one listener at a time if they were the only person in the world, addressing an audience of any size transforms into an intimate act of love."
Imagine standing in front of your audience, feeling absolutely at ease and enjoying their full attention.
Whether you have speaking anxiety or simply want to express yourself with more clarity and impact, Lee can guide you in effortlessly and effectively presenting your authentic self, any time and anywhere.
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Dewitt Jones
2/3/10 – Helice 'Sparky' Bridges  - "Changing Lives in a Minute or Less with the Power of Acknowledgment"
Over 30 million people have been impacted by her "Who I Am Makes a Difference" blue ribbon. Sparky lights up the world with her love, humor and wisdom on how in a minute or less, we can change someone's life!
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Dewitt Jones
1/27/12 – Greg Link, co author with Stephen MR Covey  "Smart Trust" 
"Creating Prosperity, Energy and Joy in a Low Trust World"
"Smart Trust is without doubt one of the most powerful and seminal books of our age.  It exposes and helps solve the most dangerous crisis apparent in almost all human institutions:  How to trust in a low trust world" Warren Bennis, Professor at USC and best selling leadership author.
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Dewitt Jones
1/20/1 – Steve Bhaerman/Swami Beyonananda  "The Transformation Power of Humor"
"It's time to take humor seriously .. and seriousness humorously."
Swami Beyondananda is the cosmic comic alter ego of writer, humorist, performer and uncommontator Steve Bhaerman. The Swami, whose favorite yoga pose is tongue-in-cheek, is the spokesperson for a new non-religion, FUNdamentalism (accent on "fun").
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Dewitt Jones
1/13/12 – Dewitt Jones - Celebrate What's Right with the World!
"If you believe it, you'll see it"
Dewitt Jones is one of America's top professional photographers and one of the nation's most sought after keynote speakers on vision, creativity and "Celebrating What's Right with the World". Prepare to be inspired.
See a new photo daily in celebration at:
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David Barrett
1/6/12 – David Barrett - AudioAcrobat
"If you want your message to be heard or seen by anyone, anywhere an at any time ... you can use AudioAcrobat"
AudioAcrobat is a cloud-based media creation, broadcast and distribution service.
It's a simple and powerful technology for anybody who wants their message heard or seen by anyone, anywhere and at any time.
30 Free Trial
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Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua
12/ 30/11 - Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua - "The Power of Intentional Completions"
"Intentional completions are like taking the excess baggage out of your backpack, so you can hike the roads and mountains of your future with less stress and enjoy the view more fully."
The Conscious Completion Habit is a Simple and Powerful Tool to Support Your Intentional Life, free up creative genius, supports living in the now, reduces stress, improve connections and increases mental, emotional and physical energy.   Phone: 360-714-8868
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Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari
12/23/11 – Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari
Year End Questions to Complete 2011 and Create 2012
An open call with several sharing their responses to some of the questions below
Click here to open PDF with the Year End Questions.
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12/16/11 – Patricia Rossi – Everyday Etiquette
"The Number One Rule of Manners is Kindness as opposed to formality, relationships as opposed to Rules"
Learn simple tools for networking success, having people feel at ease, remembering names and leaving a lasting positive impression.
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Tom Crum
12/9/11  Tom Crum – Finding Power & Purpose in a Stressed-out World
“May Your Life of Work Be a Work of Art”
Tom reviewed his book “Three Deep Breaths” – a beautiful story of a man whose life was transformed with this simple practice that can easily be integrated into our lives with no additional time
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Anne Gillis
12/2/11 – Anne Gillis EZosophy
“Everything can be easy…or at least easier!”   EZosophy (pronounced easy - osophy) is a simple philosophy that radically changes lives. EZosophy steers us away from ego into the ease of life. As the foremost expert on ease, Anne brings to light the way we wake up with “Hard Attacks” and with great humor, a gift with words, invites us to live a life with greater ease., - The EZiest and Most Effective Diet on the Planet,
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Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari
11/25/11 Robin and Gregory – The Power of Gratitude
A brief call of Reflections on gratitude and appreciation.
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Katy Bowman
11/18/11 – Katy Bowman – Aligned and Well
"The habits and postures we have in the body reveal the habits and postures we have in the mind. When you are working diligently to master your professional and spiritual alignment, it is integral to first start with the alignment of the body."
Katy has a fascinating background and tremendous tools to support all of us with greater ease in our bodies with 'Restorative Exercise"    
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John Dulworth
11/11/11 - John Dulworth - On The Edge of Change!
"Laughter is the Lubrication for Transfomation" 
John guided us on this auspicious day – 11/11/11 to look personally and globally at some of the changes going on ... and how to be empowered through these fascinating times.
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Ron McMillan
11/4/11 – Ron McMillan – “Crucial Conversations”
"Crucial Conversations provides the needed skills to step up to conversations when the stakes are high, emotions are strong, and opinions differ.  Four time NY Times best selling author shares the work that has touched and transformed millions around the world, to realize significant personal and professional results while improving the relationships that matter most.
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Lyn Christian
10/28/11 – Lyn Christian – “Being Fearless”
"Being Brave enough to excavate to the bedrock of your truth and then to be courageous enough to live out what you see at ground zero".  Being fearless is not about being tough, but being called to something larger than self.
The longer we live with open hearts and minds, the less and less we live from ego.   iPhone app to cut through clutter – ‘Today or not Today’
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Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari
10/21/11 – Gregory and Robin “Dream Building”
“What the Mind Can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE!”
Explore the wisdom of the Masters on"DREAM BUILDING" .. Practical and simple principles you can apply to create your preferred future and dream lifestyle.
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Elizabeth Amini
10/14/11 – Elizabeth Amini – “Interactive Anti-aging Games”
Simple learning activities to keep your brain healthy and young!  Learn about online games designed by Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and a panel of neuro-behavioral scientists to keep your brain young features games designed to stimulate the brain and teach tips to reduce risk of early memory loss    Code for special VIP offer ENVIP
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Alan Fine
9/30/11  Alan Fine “You Already Know How to be Great”
"A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential"
"If knowledge were all it took, we'd all be incredible managers, teachers, parents and performers.  But obviously we're not.  The biggest obstacle in performance isn't not knowing what to do; it's not doing what we know"
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Dana & Neil Phillips
9/23/11 - Dana & Neil Phillips - Positive Accountability 
High performance leaders are often perplexed and sometimes frustrated when working with team members who do not keep their commitments. Neil and Dana provide enlightened, practical strategies to provide positive accountability when team members do and do not achieve what they said they would.
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Marilyn King
9/16/11 - Marilyn King - Olympian Thinking - Passion/Vision/Action!
"Envision Your Gold - Everyday"!
Marilyn's story is a total inspiration on the power of our mind to create results beyond our expectations. She currently works with international businesses and organizations sharing these powerful tools that are transforming personal effectiveness and contributing to a peaceful world

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Sharon Lechter
9/9/11 - Sharon Lechter  “Outwitting the Devil ... the Secrets to Freedom & Success” Written as a sequel to Napolean Hill’s landmark book “Think and Grow Rich”, Outwitting the Devil” was locked away for 73 years. Sharon Lechter was chosen by the Napolean Hill Foundation to edit and annotate this very important book to breakthrough our own roadblocks.  Harvey Mackay said “Sharon’s notes on the book bring into focus the real genius behind Outwitting the Devil and help us conquer fears that bedevil our success."
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Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead
9/2/11 – Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead  “The Flip Flop CEO – It’s time to Get a Life – Plan your work around your life, rather than your life around your work”  "She not only saw the light at the end of the tunnel, she became that light to others"A fresh perspective is provided on the network marketing industry from this mother/daughter team – especially for those that don’t understand the profession -  along with Janine and Lory sharing the realization that you can have more, and deserve more in your life than others claim is possible.
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Jane Deuber
8/26/11 – Jane Deuber -  The Five Archetypes of an Entrepreneur “I believe your work is the medium through which you will impact positive change in the world”.  Jane spoke on unlocking our business potential by understanding and working with the five archetypes of an entrepreneur.  She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passions into higher business profits and inspired audiences around the globe.
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Grace Keohoho
8/19/11 – Grace Keohohou – Living with Intention
“We are limited not by our abilities, but by our vision.  Your vision will become clear ONLY when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside Dreams, who looks inside Awakens” Grace's greatest joy is supporting and encouraging people to achieve their dreams and life's purpose - Living with Intentio
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Don Ginn
8/12/11 – Don Ginn – The Hidden Secrets to Masterful Listening
“The quality of our lives is largely determined by how well we listen”  Don is masterful at sharing Three Levels of listening that can truly transform our relationships and our lives.  Practically every moment of our waking life is affected by the way we listen. Keep this in mind if you will: The life we are living today is largely the result of the way we listened in the past.
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Julie Ziglar Norman
8/5/11 Julie Ziglar Norman – Growing Up Ziglar and “Embrace the Struggle – Living Life on Life’s Terms”
“You CAN get past your past but you have to go through it to get beyond it”.  Julie is truly carrying on her father’s legacy of encouragement as she shares her story ‘Growing up Ziglar” and the personal challenges that she has experienced and overcome.
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John Milton Fogg
7/29/11 – John Milton Fogg – Network Marketing – The Most Remarkable Form of the Free Enterprise System
“Network Marketing pays you what you are truly worth”  John is an icon in the networking profession, has written the million copy seller “The Greatest Networker” along with dozens of other books.  As an author, mentor and coach he has changed millions of lives.
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Dianne McCourtney
7/22/11 – Dianne McCourtney – Creating a Dream Lifestyle
“I’ve created a dream lifestyle… by changing my thinking”
An inspiring story of a mature woman who made a lifestyle change when over 55 that created a residual income so she is able to live the dream lifestyle.
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Dr. Steve Taubman
7/15/11 – Dr. Steve Taubman – Unhypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live”
“A mind centered in appreciation of the present moment, and of all the people and circumstances that comprise it, is capable of anything.”
Steve brings his unique message to the entrepreneurs and those in the direct selling profession, inspiring people to overcome their mental barriers to success and to bring powerful transformational principles into their lives.
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Gregory Mascari
7/8/11 – Gregory Mascari – “The 10 Master Skills of Networking”
Gregory provides a summary of his program with many gems on how to be successful in the profession.
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Doug Krug
7/1/11 – Doug Krug – “Forward Focus – We Get More of What We Focus On”
“Virtually everything we do every day is effected by where we're putting our attention.  Consciously managing our people's attention and energy is a key role of leadership”   During the call Doug shared that we can discover for ourselves ways to resolve our biggest challenges by shifting the way they think about people and issues – where we focus.
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Donna Fisher
6/24/11 – Donna Fisher -  People Power
“No matter how high tech we get, nothing will ever replace the value and importance of our people skills”  Donna shows professionals how to communicate and connect to create powerful teams, marketplace visibility and new opportunities.  Author of several books, including ‘Networking for Dummies”, her work is recommended by Time magazine and used as textbooks.
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.Andrea Waltz
6/17/11 – Andrea Waltz – “Go For No”
“YES is the destination…NO is how you get there”  This is the paradigm successful people know and live.  Andrea shares the single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve in life is reflected in your relationship with “No”
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.Karen Clark
6/10/11 – Karen Clark –  “Using Social Media to Increase Your Business Presence”
Create meaningful relationships online so people want to do business with you…connect vs collect”  Learn the basics of how social media can build your business.  Karen shared proper etiquette, techniques and short cuts to become more familiar with this important and powerful way to increase your business presence.
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.Bob Burg
6/3/11 – Bob Burg – “The Go-Giver  - The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success”
“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those they know, like and trust” The Go-Giver is a new business classic – a heartwarming and inspiring tale imparted with wit and grace brings new relevance to the old proverb “give and you shall receive”.  Changing our focus from getting to giving and putting others’ interest first, continually adding value to others’ lives, ultimately leads to unexpected returns.  Bob is a joy and totally embodies his message.
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.Anne Sermons Gilles
5/27/11 – Anne Gillis – Ezosophy
“Everything can be easy…or at least easier!”   EZosophy (pronounced easy - osophy) is a simple philosophy that radically changes lives. EZosophy steers us away from ego into the ease of life. As the foremost expert on ease, Anne brings to light the way we wake up with “Hard Attacks” and with great humor, a gift with words, invites us to live a life with greater ease.
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.Nicki Keohohou
5/20/11 – Nicki Keohohou – “Pride in our Profession”
“We must work toward ongoing personal improvement, while sharing a responsibility for empowering people throughout the world by bringing them knowledge, support, and an opportunity to have and be more”  Nicki has a deep love for the direct selling profession and a keen understanding of the challenges and joys of building a thriving s.  She is the CEO and co-founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.  Her life work is to educate and empower home-based entrepreneurs from around the globe and educate the public about this amazing profession.   She shares the current trends and opportunties in the profession.
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.Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari
5/13/11 – Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari – The Vision of Enlightened Networking.
The introductory call sharing the vision of “30 Minutes of Wisdom’ and a special training by Gregory on listening.

The Enlightened Resource Center will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months so visit us often.


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